With the likes of Disneyland and Seaworld, it’s a common belief that the greatest theme parks in the world are found in Orlando. However the continuing popularity from European theme parks means that the continent is still definitely a force to be reckoned with. Here are some of the best theme parks you could go to you without having to ‘cross the pond’.

Disneyland Paris

It might not be as large as its brother in Florida, but the Paris resort still possesses all the magic of Disney. The complex offers a wide variety of rides, including the Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. With four different zones brimming with attractions, Disneyland Paris offers to keep the whole family entertained for days upon end.

Port Aventura

The resort is the most famous theme park Spain, offering beautiful weather combined with some of the fastest rides on the planet. Just an hour’s drive from Barcelona, the resort has developed excellent links including its own designated station as well as two airports just half an hour away. In terms of the rides, Dragon Khan promises to leave your heart in your throat; with its ferociously fast paced carriages taking you on eight different inversions at speeds over 65mph. Another thrill-seeking adventure is the Hurakan Condor, where riders are taken up to nearly 200 feet, then thrown back down to the ground at speeds of over 70 mph.

Siam Park

Claiming to be the most spectacular water park in Europe, this 46 acre park in Tenerife has a distinctive Siamese theme and offers an exciting array of water sports that will guarantee to keep you entertained. It boasts the largest wave pool in the world, with the Wave Palace throwing waves nearly 10 ft high straight at you. It also has the Tower of Power, a vertical slide that takes riders through a transparent tank full of sharks and stingrays, a ride not for the faint hearted.

Alton Towers

Finally we move onto the classic British park. Alton towers offer some of the most exciting rides in the world, such as the vertical rollercoaster ‘Oblivion’ and the unrivalled ‘Nemesis’. One of the more recent rides is ‘Air’, meant to give an insight into flying. Riders adopt the prone position and fly close to the ground, hurtling past rocks and trees to give for a frightening experience.

So there are just four excellent parks without even mentioning the titan resorts of Orlando. So the next time you’re thinking about booking a fun filled holiday, why not consider some of the theme parks in Europe. Another positive, acquiring some Port Aventura tickets will certainly be a cheaper than some of the resorts in Orlando, allowing you have a bigger budget for the rest of your trip.